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    More Chinese farmers tend to use premium pesticide

    2013-03-08 15:05 Zhejiang Chemicals

    When purchasing pesticide, more and more Chinese farmers are changing their past preference to lower prices but start to turn to more consideration to the benefit brought by the longer effect, higher efficiency and less residue of the pesticide. This change of thought and concept causes a significant influence to the pesticide market. According to the report of China’s Farmers’ Daily, the proportion of high-end pesticide in the Chinese market is growing bigger and bigger while that of traditional low-end and medium-end pesticide is becoming smaller and smaller.

    With the rise of Chinese labor cost, farmers start to re-consider the cost of pesticide versus cost of application of pesticide since high-end pesticide has brought farmers substantial benefit attributable to less number of pesticide spraying and reduced labor cost. “cheap pesticide needs to be sprayed twice while good pesticide needs to be sprayed just once; good ones appear to be more expensive but save labor cost, thus good pesticide is a better deal”, said Chen Xiangling, a farmer from Jiangsu Province.

    Centralized growing of field crop and growing of more economical crop contribute to the popularity of high-end pesticide. It is reported that presently small growers mostly still use traditional pesticides like Chlorpyrifos, Abamectin and Thiosultap-monosodium. With the demonstration and influence of the emerging larger growers and cooperatives, farmers have inclined to choose high-end pesticide. Furthermore, farmers in the vegetable growing area give more priority to the cost-effective consideration, where high-end fungicide particularly the protective agent is becoming more and more popular among farmers.

    Not only bringing benefit to farmers, high-end pesticide consumption also provides pesticide dealers with a new source of growth. In many pesticide sales kiosks, brands of Syngenta, Bayer, Dow AgroSciences, BSF,Rotam and Sinon are highlighted.