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    China to create more agchem consortiums

    2013-03-08 14:43 ZHECHEM
    The CCPIA hopes that the paraquat consortium will help eliminate out-dated manufacturing processes, lower impurity content, raise product quality and control overproduction and excessive competition in the paraquat market. China is the world’s largest producer of the herbicide, the CCPIA adds. The abamectin consortium is intended to combat such problems as illegal manufacturing, the rapid drop in sale price and overproduction of the agrochemical, which have led to “large losses” for manufacturers and the industry. China is also the world’s largest producer as well as exporter of the insecticide. Additionally, a meeting to create a 2,4-D herbicide consortium was held in Beijing towards the beginning of February. The CCPIA established the imidacloprid insecticide consortium at an imidacloprid industry development forum in January this year.