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Chemical Name: MCPA
MCPA CAS No.: 94-74-6
Comments of MCPA: 95%
Structure of MCPA:
MCPA Intro:
Common Name: MCPA

Chemical Name: 4-chloro-o-tolyloxyacetic acid(IUPAC); (4-chloro-2-methylphenoxy)acetic acid(CAS, IUPAC)

MCPA CAS No.: CAS 94-74-6; EINECS 202-360-6; SHA 030501

MCPA Formulation: Potassium, sodium, dimethylamine salts (water soluble concentrates); isooctyl, isobutylesters (emulsifiable concentrates).

White to light brown solid, flakes, crystal powder or liquid. Same as 2,4-D except for replacement of one chlorine atom by a methyl group. Melting point 114°-119°C. Vapor pressure 7.7 x 10-6 mbar. Non-corrosive. Solubility: At 20°-25°C. in ethanol 150 g/l; acetone >200 g/l. Pol-Chwastox Extra*: Density 1.18-1.21 g/ml at 20°C.

MCPA Toxicity:
(Rat): Oral LD50 900-1160 mg/kg; Inhalation LC50 >6.36 mg/l. (Mouse): Oral 550 mg/kg. (Rabbit): Dermal LD50 >4000 mg/kg. Pol-Chwastox Extra*: (Rat): Oral LD50 1914 mg/kg

Uses of MCPA:
For use in peas, rice, small grains, sugarcane, grassland, pastures, tree crops, turf, and noncrop areas for postemergent control of many broadleaf weeds.

Techincial:25kg pp+pe
Formulation: as request

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