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Isoproturon 97%TC

Chemical Name: Isoproturon
Isoproturon CAS No.: 34123-59-6
Comments of Isoproturon: 95%Tech;50%WP
Structure of Isoproturon:
Isoproturon Intro:
Common Name: Isoproturon

Chemical Name: (3-(4-isopropylphenyl)-1,1-dimethylurea (IUPAC)

Isoproturon CAS No.: CAS 34123-59-6; EINECS 251-835-4

Isoproturon Formulation: Dispersion, flowable, water dispersible granule, wettable powder.

PROPERTIES: Pure a.i.: Solid crystalline. Melting point 155-156°C.

Isoproturon Toxicity: Tech in sesame oil (Rat): Oral LD50 1826 mg/kg

Uses of Isoproturon:
Pre- and postemergence control of annual meadowgrass, blackgrass, ryegrass, silky bentgrass, wild oat, and many broadleaf weeds in spring and winter wheat, spring and winter barley, and winter rye.

Techincial:25kg FIBRE DRUM
Formulation: as request

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