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Diuron 97%TC

Chemical Name: Diuron
Diuron CAS No.: 330-54-1
Comments of Diuron: 97%Tech; 80%WP; 90%WDG ;50% SC
Structure of Diuron:
Common Name: DCMU (JMAF); dichlorfenidimUSSR); Diuron (ANSI, BSI, ISO, WSSA, CSA)

Chemical Name: N¢-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-N,N-dimethylurea

Diuron CAS No.: CAS 330-54-1; SHA 035505

Diuron Formulation: Flowable, granule, wettable powder.

Diuron PROPERTIES: White powder. Melting point 157°C. Vapor pressure 2.3 x 10-9 (20°C).

Diuron Toxicity: Tech. (Rat): Oral, Dermal LD50 >5000 mg/kg. Causes eye irritation

Uses of Diuron:
Effective against emerging and young broadleaf and grass weeds as well as mosses. For use on alfalfa, asparagus, citrus, cotton, orchards, sugarcane, wheat, and vineyards. Velpar* AlfaMax* MP for use on alfalfa

Techincial:25kg BAGS
Formulation: as customers request

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