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Oxadixyl 95%TC

Chemical Name: Oxadixyl
Oxadixyl CAS No.: 77732-09-3
Comments of Oxadixyl : 64%wp
Structure of Oxadixyl :
Intro: Oxadixyl
Common Name: oxadixyl

Other Name: Oxadixyl (BSI, ISO draft)

Chemical Name: 2-methoxy-N-(2-oxo-1,3-oxazolidin-3yl)acet-2¢,6¢-xylidide(IUPAC)

Molecular formula: C14H18N2O4

Molecular weight: 278.3

Specification of Oxadixyl :
Oxadixyl Tech:95%
Colorless crystalline solid, melting point 104-105°C. Vapor pressure 0.0033 mPa (20°C).

Oxadixyl Toxicity: Tech (Rat): Oral LD50 3480 mg/kg. Inhalation LC50 >6 mg/l air. (Rabbit): Dermal LD50 >2000 mg/kg

Preventive and curative activity against many Oomycetes on grapevines, potatoes, vegetables, ornamentals, and seed treatments.

Tech: 25kg/fibre drum
Formulation:25kg/fibre drum or as customer request