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Pyrimethanil 95%TC

Chemical Name: Pyrimethanil
Pyrimethanil CAS No.: 53112-28-0
Comments of Pyrimethanil : 95ï¼…Tech
Structure of Pyrimethanil :
Intro: Pyrimethanil
Common Name: Pyrimethanil

Chemical Name: 4,6-dimethyl-N-phenyl-2-pyrimidinamine(CAS); N-(4,6-dimethylpyrimidin-2-yl)aniline (IUPAC)

Pyrimethanil Formulation: Soluble concentrate.

Usage of Pyrimethanil : For gray mold on fruit, ornamentals, vegetables, vines; leaf scab on pome fruit.

Molecular formula: C12H13N3

Molecular weight: 199

Pyrimethanil PROPERTIES: Colorless crystals. Solubility at 20°C: acetone 389 g/l, ethyl acetate 617 g/l, methanol 176 g/l, methylene chloride 1000 g/l, n-hexane 23.7 g/l, toluene 412 g/l.

Pyrimethanil Toxicity: (Rat): Oral LD50 4150-5971 mg/kg; Dermal LD50 >5000 mg/kg. Inhalation LC50 (Rat): (4 h) >1.98 mg/l

Packing: Tech: 25kg/fibre drum

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